All You Need to Know about Lugs

Best Terminal Lugs

When we talk about electrical and wiring industry, different kinds of connectors and wires are used. The connectors and wires are utilized in connecting mechanical types of equipment. The connectors or clamps needed to connect two electrical types of equipment are called terminal lugs or simply lugs.

The common usage of lugs includes the connection of one cable with other cable or connecting two or more cables. The lugs are also used in fuse socket connection, electrical appliances, load switches and power lines. In the electrical and wiring sector, lugs are indispensable. For heavy duty uses, the strength of the lug is tested. In addition, the shape and size of the lugs are taken into consideration for various usages.

Electrical Lugs

These lugs are useful in a situation where a permanent connection is impossible between cables or devices.

Cable Lugs

These lugs are helpful to allow distribution and supply of electric current with zero hindrance between the electrical wires. There are some other uses as well. Cable lugs allow easy repair and maintenance along with the installation of electrical cables and devices.

Terminal Lugs

Terminal lugs are increasingly used due to restricted usage of soldered terminals. This type of lug is used for the stranded cable wires. The most significant benefit of a terminal lug (crimp-on solderless lug) is that it needs relatively small skills of an operator to use. Only a crimping device is required for terminal lug.

Bimetallic Lugs

Bimetallic lugs are helpful where the aluminum wire has to be abandoned via copper contact or a copper bus bar.

There are two important uses of bimetallic lugs:

  • LV connectors on the bus bar
  • MV termination

This lug type is beneficial in terms of low cost. The use of a bimetallic lug ensures to provide durable joint.

Market Trend

The market projection for cable lugs is about 6.75 per cent in terms of CAGR for the period of the year 2019 to 2024. Increasing demand for energy distribution and transmission infrastructure is making cable lug a hot commodity. Besides, growth in energy demand increased by 2.3 per cent in 2018, worldwide. The demand is driven due to large scale infrastructure schemes, increased expenditure in power projects, and technological advancement in cable applications. Moreover, swift urbanization in developing countries also making lugs market lucrative.

Wrap Up

The lugs market is expanding every day due to numerous benefits described above. If you are engaged in a project, you should know different types of lugs for your particular usage.

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