Some Facts about Cooper and Bimetallic Lugs

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A broad choice of cable lugs is available for the most diverse applications in electrical segments. Making the right choice can be more complicated than you think. However, picking the correct cable lug is the key to a reliable crimping result. Two types of lugs work effectively in electrolyte works; one is bimetallic lug, and the other is copper lug.

Bimetallic Lugs

Bimetallic lugs are aluminum cables which remain ended by bars of copper. A galvanic action occurs due to a different contact if cable lugs of only aluminum or copper are used. Bimetallic lugs make sure that the fitting is done durably and technically. The frictionally welded aluminum barrel is thereby attaining the most exceptional possible transitional results.

Advantages of Bimetallic Lug

The benefits are;

They are safe and cost less. Their electro-tinned copper products stop oxidation and decomposition. The PVC insulation is there to provide terminals that help the exceptional electrical strength. Lugs entry to the wire barrel is a faster and easier conductor as it has shock-proof feature.

Cooper Lugs

While cooper lugs are used to connect different cables with electrical mechanisms. The connected wire with our standard batteries is an example of copper lugs.   They have a protective covering to protect from any damage from short-circuit.

Ever wonder what that sparkling silver metal is at your cables wires?

Well, they are cooper lugs!

However, copper lugs manufacturers ensure that these lugs are ideal for large gauge applications for power grounding. Every copper lug can be either crimped or soldered to wire. Whereas, the other end, the copper lug is attached with a matching terminal with the help of a bolt, screw or spring clip.

Qualities of Cooper Lugs

01: Physical properties: Electrolytic Copper Tube have a conductivity of more than 97% IACS.

02:  Annealing: Crack free crimping

03: Finish: Tin plating that avoids oxidation and to achieve maximum corrosion protection.

Some Benefits of Cooper Lugs

They have a wide range of sizes. That can be crimped using handheld crimper or hydraulic crimper. Similarly, they are easy to connect with other cables.

Considering the right copper lugs manufacturer who produces the best is not easy to choose. You need to have thorough knowledge that which lug is best for the electric conductors and how much rate of power supply will flow from the cables. Therefore, make sure you go for the right copper lugs manufacturers while buying copper lugs.

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