Different Types of Lugs Used in the Tech Industry


The ring with electrolytic copper of high intensity as well as heavy duty is termed as a lug. Lugs have always been an essential factor as far as the electrical sector is concerned. They are used to join cables with electrical appliances. Whenever a discussion about electric supplies opens, lugs become the center of the debate. In the market, there are many copper lugs manufacturers. Talking about lugs, there are so many varieties of lugs such as mechanical lugs, bimetallic lugs, tubular lugs etc.

Here are a few types of lugs discussed below:

Mechanical Lugs

These are the lugs that have two screws or sometimes four screws as bolts. Mechanical lugs have the shape of a ring. They are manufactured with the help of electrolytic copper of high-grade. Mechanical lugs are best suited with wires as well as cables.


Mechanical lugs come up with connector type, sight hole and standard type. The availability in three different types makes it unique and accessible. For the protection of brass lightning and where the existence of vibration is in a plethora, mechanical lugs come in very handy. Mechanical lugs are manufactured with the help of copper or sometimes with aluminum.

Therefore they are categorized as good conductors. These lugs are categorized as the stud-type power connection. They are manufactured with the help of aluminum (or conduction copper). For automatic connection, terminal lugs, compression lugs are made up of one or, for maximum, two holes. Also, they are available with a plate made up of electro tin to minimize corrosion. The lugs with short barrel have a compression lug having a single hole. These lugs are utilized for motor controls as well as switch gears in typical occasions.


Compression lugs are used generally for the following purposes:

  • Devices and tools of telecommunication
  • Equipment for welding
  • Equipment used for power distribution

Tubular Cable Lugs

Tubular cable lugs are manufactured with the help of electrolytic copper. There are sold via numerous manufacturers. Tubular lugs come up with various dimensions and also have variations in tube dimensions. The purpose of these lugs is to connect cables, appliances and other mechanisms. The clamp which is used to connect automotive battery is an example of a crimping lug.

Wrap up

There are numerous copper lugs manufacturers and other types (described above) of lugs makers available in the market. Each class is different from each other, and it is essential to know the purpose of each variety before buying the right one.

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