Use Of Terminal Lugs And Bimetallic Lugs In Agricultural Industry

terminal lugs

terminal lugs

bimetallic lugs

bimetallic lugs

When we talk about electric supplies, we often think of automobiles or any other industry, but one field that we almost always overlook is agriculture. It is a growing industry that utilize electric supplies. World Bank issues a report stating that agriculture is estimated to feed 9.7 billion people by 2050. This is how rapidly the sector is growing.

Common Problem

The common problem plaguing the agriculture market is broken and worn batteries. The problems in the batteries often occur due to faulty connections and loosely installed terminal lugs. Battery terminals and bimetallic lugs must be installed tightly, and they should be made of top quality material. Copper and copper alloy is considered best for such jobs.

Best Material

Copper is known to have high conductivity in comparison to lead. Use of this material allows the agricultural machinery to run stronger and for a longer time. The agricultural industry is time sensitive, and even a mild battery issue can throw off the streamlined process. Solder-free terminal lugs are ideal as they don’t require crimping. The fix provided by these lugs is quick and sturdy.

They are easy to install as only necessary cable or wire needs to be stripped, compression terminals need to be slipped on and tightened. Once it is completed the agricultural application can continue without losing much time. The bimetallic lugs are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and the same goes for compression nut battery terminals.

Variety Of Lugs

The styles such as a flag, left elbow, straight, and right elbow are readily available in the market. Every form is used in a different application. This variety overcomes the challenges of odd shape devices and tricky installations. For gauge size identification the compression terminals are color coded. They are manufactured in large wall option too. The massive wall provides resistance against corrosion and better conductivity.

Copper Compression Lugs

Copper compression lugs are the best choice for agricultural applications. Tin plated lugs allow maximum flow of current alongside providing par excellence resistance against rust. The particular featured trouble-free installation viewing area makes them easy to install. The installation viewing area also ensures that if the wire is appropriately inserted or not. A simple crimp tool is required to crimp and lug application is completed.

Crimping Tools

Some machines crimp the lugs, but some technicians still prefer to crimp by hands. Hand help tools are also available for this purpose. Each lug requires a specific dye and tools to be compressed. Variety of crimping tools are manufactured now and are readily accessible. There are hydraulic, mechanical, battery powered, and remote power tools easy to get. Every crimping tool option should be looked into before purchasing the one that suits you. Each one is different, and a little research is required before selecting the right one who can get the job rightly done the first time.

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